1. Turn the Ignition switch to the accessory position using the key without the remote plip attached.

2. Hold the Plip key close to the central locking receiver mounted in the roof console.

3. Press the large plip button and then the small plip button on the remote.

4. Repeat for second Plip key if required.

5. Turn the ignition OFF.

6. After 5 seconds the Plip should now operate.

The above works on Infra-red keyfobs only. To distinguish between the different types read below

Peugeot 306 Key Fob Remotes - Types

Okay, I've written this to try and clear up some of the confusion over different Peugeot 306 remote contol plips.

You have 3 phases of Peugeot 306 model.

Phase 1 - Very first model introduced in 1993-1997. Most recognisable by it's louvred front grille. This model uses an infra-red remote control system so the key has to be pointed at the car towards the receiver in the head console. These keys can be easily self programmed (see here). The actual key remote is recognisable from the large clear LED bulb (which sends the Infra-red signal), near the key blade, and the indicative red LED when pressed. The key blades are easily interchangeable.

New or old keys can be programmed to your car. So, buying a second hand key off ebay etc. is fine.

Phase 2 - Facelifted model 1997-1999. Cosmetic body panel changes including a one-piece grille. In the phase 2 the same infra-red system is used as the phase 1 and programmed in the same way but the immobiliser system is incorporated by the use of a specially programmed chip within the remote housing. Without the correctly programmed chip the car will fail to start. The housings on the phase 2 remotes are slightly thicker than phase 1 remotes as they house this transponder chip.

Read more about the transponder system here.

Phase 3 - Facelifted in 1999. Colour coded bumpers and sideskirts throughout the range. In the phase 3 an RF (radio frequency) system is installed. No need to direct the remote at the car like the previous infra-red system. These keys need specialist equipment to be programmed. The key blades are easily interchangeable. The remote looks similar to the older infra-red models in shape but without the IR clear LED and red indicator LED.

Again, second hand keys can be reprogrammed so you don't have to buy new.

Peugeot Keys Information - Remotes, Immobilisers & Transponders

From approx. 1995 Peugeot began to use a transponder chip, for the immobiliser, system within their key fobs. Although not right across the whole range. If your Peugeot vehicle has an immobiliser keypad installed then it does not use the transponder chip system.

What is a transponder chip?

The transponder chip contains a code which corresponds with the ignition system in the vehicle. Without it the vehicle will not start. Eventhough the engine may turn, it will not fire up.

The system works basically as follows: Once you insert your key into the ignition and turn, the ECU (your vehicle's computer) interrogates the transponder chip within your keyfob. If it transmits the correct code the ECU will allow the vehicle to start, otherwise the vehicle will remain immobilised.

Security Card?

Every new Peugeot vehicle using this system is supplied with a security code card (credit card sized) in case you should need new keys. The code itself cannot be used to program new keys but allows access to the vehicle's immobiliser system so new keys can be programmed to it.
Programming the transponder chip requires specialist equipment.


Extra Informatie

Citaat Oorspronkelijk geplaatst door Trantor_3
Citaat Oorspronkelijk geplaatst door Robert 306 GTI-6
als het goed is heeft een peugeot dealer een soort apparaatje waaraan ze kunnen zien of de afstandbediening een signaal uitzend, als dat zo is dan weet je in iedergeval zeker dat het niet aan de afstandbediening / batterij ligt, maar aan de ontvanger of ergens in die geest.

Hier heeft tegenwoordig vrijwel iedereen een apparaatje voor..... : je digitale fotocamera. Infrarood is voor de mens onzichtbaar, maar richt je digitale camera op de infrarood-zender (dus de led in de afstandsbediening) en kijk op het schermpje van de camera: als de led brandt, zie je dat op je camera.

Dit werkt ook met de afstandsbediening voor je TV / radio / stereo / DVD / video / satelietontvanger / enz.

Dit werkt natuurlijk niet met de RF-afstandsbediening van een phase 3.

Excuses voor het wakker maken van deze slapende thread, maar ik wilde dit toch nog even toevoegen.